FSD Pathways: Primary Alternative Provision for Years 1 - Year 6

FSD Pathways Primary Alternative Provision support your students with custom made programmes across three main areas.

Education, Sport, Life and Social Skills

With a fully qualified primary teacher leading our primary alternative provision pathways programme, FSD provide a uniquely individualized and flexible approach to education.

We find that some children can re-engage with curriculum-based schemes within a new environment and timetable. Others may need a more innovative approach.


Our delivery is tailored to each child and can therefore include:

White Rose Maths, Oxford Owl, Phonics, Handwriting, Active Learning, Disguised Learning (E.g shops and FSD pen pals), Child-Led Learning, Discovery Learning, Mission-Led Learning, Philosophy, Debates, Discussion, Role-Plays, Educational Videos, Quizzes, Google Earth, Computing (code.org), Cooking, Art, Broadcasting / Podcasts (links with local radio station) and more.

We understand that force often equals resistance so we seek to attract the children to activities wherever possible, whilst developing a sense of pride in their work, that can be celebrated in a way that each individual child feels comfortable with. We can provide learning summaries or journals to schools or partnerships as required.


FSD believe that all children can access the benefits of sports in some way. We try to avoid labelling children as ‘sporty’ or ‘non-sporty’ and can usually find a way to engage all children with some sort of sporting activity. Whether they have obvious talent and can be nurtured into high level activity and/or teams, or simply prefer fun and relaxation, we can help your students to develop a healthier mind and body.

Activities include:

Football, futsal, basketball, fitness, athletics, dance, agility, invasion games, tag games, handball, dodgeball, tennis, cricket, golf, pool, table-tennis, darts (magnetic) and more.

Life & Social Skills

Politeness, respect and positive thinking lead our core values at FSD and we weave these into all of our daily activities and routines. Additionally, we provide activities that explicitly develop life and social skills. These can include board games, PSHE curriculum, trips, visits, shopping and budgeting. We are also pro-active with mindfulness and strategies to relax; including music, dance, breathing and nature walks. Children are encouraged to understand their emotions with daily check ins and check outs, which include zones of regulation.

Where children have experienced difficult situations, either at school or in the provision we facilitate a restorative approach with reflection, discussion, social stories or role play, all in a safe and calm environment, outside of the moment.

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